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At GFT our vision is to cultivate a dynamic community where individuals from all walks of life come together to pursue their fitness goals in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.


Guided by the principles of scientific based programming, elite coaching, and technique-driven training, we strive to empower our members to achieve. Through continuous innovation, personalised attention, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to redefine the group training experience, fostering a culture of growth, camaraderie, and lifelong wellness within our community.

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Ani fell in love with group training about 10 years ago which inspired her to leave her corporate career as a National Publicist and immerse herself in the positive and fulfilling sphere of health and fitness. She has helped clients achieve a range of personal goals from increasing their strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, weight loss or shifting to a more positive mindset. Above all, being that bright moment of interaction within a person’s day is what makes coaching so rewarding for her.

Being an owner of a gym that really believes in moving people safely, efficiently and progressively in a group setting is truly a dream come true. Drawing on skill sets from both corporate and fitness career paths, this venture is nothing short of thrilling.

Outside the gym you will find Ani adventuring with her husband and two cheeky daughters, reading a good book or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.


Studio Manager & Coach

Lukas has an impressive background as a Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics Skills coach that spans over 7 years. He is passionate, dedicated and focused.

He is always upskilling with numerous certifications:

III & IV in Fitness
Strength Programming with Sebastian Oreb
Precision Nutrition
Human Behavior Through Exercise
Crossfit Athletic Internship
Business & Marketing Diploma
Leadership & Management Advanced Diploma

Lukas speaks five languages and outside the gym you will find him on the ice hockey ring or looking after his pet ducks, chickens and puppy.




Dom brings over six years of experience in the fitness industry in Sydney, London and Lithuania to GFT. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Diploma in Sport & Recreation Management and Social Media Marketing. The man is strong!


Dom is a passionate and technique driven coach who will ensure you move efficiently and progress through our 8 week blocks. 


When he is not at the gym, he is planning his next trip away!



Catherine is a dynamic coach with a passion for fitness and a unique blend of skills in CrossFit and Jiu-Jitsu.


With an impressive array of certifications including AWF Level 1 Weightlifting, Pre Script Level 1, and several Muscle Nerds courses, Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge to GFT!


What sets Catherine apart is a strong emphasis on mobility, strength, and injury prevention. By focusing on these pillars, Catherine is dedicated to helping our members achieve their fitness goals while maintaining a safe and sustainable approach to training.

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