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Are you new to fitness? Getting back into training after a hiatus? Or simply want to improve your skills and techniques in the strength and conditioning sphere?

You get the best of both worlds, working in a vibrant group environment with a maximum of 4 per group, and the closest to a Personal Training session without the premium price tag!

  • 2 Semi-Private Training sessions per week

  • Movement Assessment 

  • Progressive 8 week cycle weight training programs to ensure progress

  • Unlimited access to our Strength & Conditioning Sessions, Box Fit & Hatha Yoga

  • Regular coach check-ins which will keep you accountable to help you achieve your goals

  • Access to our On Demand Library

  • Access to Group Fit Training app to keep you on track

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From individual coaching, personalised warm-ups to evidence-based programming – we are not just your ‘average strength & conditioning sessions' and we are proud of the premium service that we provide! 

  • Movement Assessment

  • Capped-size classes to ensure every member receives the individual attention they deserve

  • Evidence-based programming cycles with a renewed training focus every 7 weeks 

  • Access via our Group Fit Training app to your personalised movement preparation warm up targeting your individual mobility needs 

  • Unlimited access to our Hatha Yoga Sessions

  • Specialised technical skills coaching 

  • Rehab programs 

  • Extras programs (on-top of our regular program) for reaching specific individual goals 


Paired up, gloved up and ready! This power punching class will improve your conditioning, speed and coordination. This is a full body workout that will build muscle mass and burn lots of calories for hours after your session. Proven to help reduce muscle tension and combat anxiety and stress while enjoying the process.


The regular practice of Hatha Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, and balance and may offer some light to moderate aerobic conditioning as well. You will reap the relaxing rewards gained from incorporating breath work (pranayama) and meditation as part of our Hatha Yoga practice.

An excellent addition to balance the energetic work and exercise week.

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